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    Our Mine

    Artgo  has access to rare grey and white marble resources in China in our self-owned mine, of which, based on professional surveying institutions, is currently the largest marble mine in China.

    1. Our marble is of a jade-like texture, which is delicate and rich in color. Its decorative nature can meet various requirements of construction needs. Our products are of excellent quality and stability, while its physical quality is above China's industry average and comparable to leading international brands.

    2. We adhere closely to the philosophy of environmental friendly mining and meticulous management. Advanced equipment was imported from Italy to carry out mining procedures.

    3.The mine is located in a prime location, and also of close proximity to key markets with access to main transportation grid.

    Yongfeng mine is currently the largest marble mine in China. It is located at a privileged location with the well-established transportation, electric and water utilities, and is only 640km away from Shuitou, the largest marble processing place in China.

    • Vertical Drilling

      Vertical Drilling

    • Horizontal Drilling

      Horizontal Drilling

    • Bottom Cutting

      Bottom Cutting

    • Vertical Cutting

      Vertical Cutting

    • Isolates overturned

      Isolates overturned

    • Crossed Split

      Crossed Split

    • Blocks Saw cut

      Blocks Saw cut

    • Blocks storage

      Blocks storage

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